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Thank you for choosing ShrinkMastersPgh.com. We are western Pennsylvania's only veteran owned and fully insured mobile shrink wrapping business. We have and will travel anywhere our services are needed. Our main focus is marine, industrial and, recreational shrink wrapping for transportation and storage.  With over seven years experience we guarantee your boat or parcel will be wrapped correctly and remain clean though out shipment and storage. It is important to know that not just anyone can install shrink wrap properly. There is an technique, an understanding of how the plastic will form, and procedures that are necessary to insure a strong and reliable protective cover. This is where ShrinkMastersPgh shines! We only use industrial grade shrink wrap along with top of the line tools. Rest assured your job will always be completed in a timely manner on the day agreed upon.


The ShrinkMasters are part of the local boating community and boat on the same rivers you do. Being part of the community we understand your winter storage concerns. The professionals at ShrinkMastersPgh can help eliminate the hassle of cleaning your boat after storage over the long winter months. When we shrink wrap a clean boat in the fall, it will be clean and ready for use when you pull it out of storage. This will save you time and money!  Spend more time on the water and less time cleaning your boat.  Call us now for your shrink wrap and boat detailing needs.